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Our Giant List of Florida Links.......Just Click and Enjoy ....

Florida Museums

Florida State Parks
Florida Historic Preservation Office

Florida Wildlife Refuges
A Boater's Guide to the Indian River Lagoon
Florida State Parks
National Parks, Preserves, Seashores and Wild/Scenic Rivers in Florida
Parks in Hillsborough County
Hillsborough County Golf Courses
Florida Festivals
Florida National Forests
Florida Recreation Areas
Busch Gardens
Everglades National Park
Kennedy Space Center
Lowry Park Zoo
Recreation and Public Use Land - South Florida Water Management District
The Florida Aquarium
Things To Do in Florida
Hillsborough, Florida Construction Statistics - Building Permits
American Red Cross - Local Chapter
Habitat for Humanity - Local Affilates
Nonprofit Organizations
VA Facilities in Florida
State of Florida Job Vacancies
Fastest Growing Occupations in Florida
USAJOBS - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site Local TV Listings
Hillsborough County Pollution Scorecard
EnviroLink Atlas (local enviromental community)
Florida and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Recent Marine Data (Data Buoys)
Florida Cooperative Extension's Electronic Data Information Source
Florida Master Naturalist Program
Sea Surface Temperatures of Florida Coast
South Florida Ecological Services, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
South Florida Water Management District
US Geological Survey Fact Sheet for Florida
Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
Florida State Government Official Portal -
Florida State Statutes
Online Phone Directory (Search by City, County or State Agency)
Hillsborough County - USDA Cooperative Extension Office
Elected Officials
Florida Official Records - Search by county, judicial circuit, region or statewide.
South Florida Water Management District
State and Local Government Websites
Florida Hospitals (Local/Regional/State)
Florida Poison Information Center
Pollen Levels
Florida Health Statistics - National Center for Health Statistics
Poison Control & Prevention Centers serving Florida Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
Local WiFi Hotspots
Refdesk: facts, news, and family friendly reference information
VERY Accurate Time - National Institute of Stds. & Technology (NIST)
Florida Kids Home Page - Florida Division of Historical Resources
The Indian River Lagoon Activity Book (Requires Adobe PDF Viewer)
The Indian River Lagoon Coloring Book (Requires Adobe PDF viewer)
POTUS - Presidents of the United States
Science of Music: Exploratorium's Accidental Scientist
The Elegant Universe by NOVA and PBS
Florida Farmers Markets
Organic Farms & Farmers Markets in or near Hillsborough County
Local Newspapers, Radio and TV
Ownership of Local Media
Dog Parks in Florida
Florida Pet Friendly Parks, Beaches & Recreation Areas Where to Bird in Florida
List Public Libraries in Local Area
Florida Schools (All)
Ask a Librarian
Exploring Florida: A Social Studies Resource for Students and Teachers
Volunteer Opportunities



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